Trailer Prep

Next began the long and arduous process of turning a 30 some year old RV frame into the foundation of my new home. The trailer actually has a pretty cool history; Once an RV then demolished by an 80 year old man in Roseburg, OR in hopes of constructing a tiny house for his wife. After removing the RV completely from the trailer frame, said old man decided it was too much work to build the house and sold the frame. Next up was Jay, who I acquired the trailer from in Eugene, he originally purchased the trailer to retrieve a giant sewing table and to do so he added some angle iron supports and an exterior rail in addition to decking. 

I bought the trailer from Jay and he let me leave it at his house for as long as I needed too, even allowing me to come by and work on it. We ended up having some great chat's, he was very supportive of the build.

Enough backstory, first thing to do back in TC was remove the waterlogged decking to get to work on the frame underneath. 

A few handfuls of bolts later the decking came right off, and I was off to buy an angle grinder to remove all of the rust. Spent the next few days clambering on top, rolling underneath, and hunched over the frame blasting off the major rust areas of each section. After major rust removal the trailer was off to Ace Welding to receive more angle iron supports for the floor and sheet metal to enclose the bottom. 

Primer and paint were next, I found a pricey but very nice paint made for the underside of vehicles. It cured with the moisture in the air into a nice rubbery protective finish which I used on all of the old metal and previously painted areas. I used PPG metal primer and exterior paint on the new bare steel. Once all of the cracks where sealed with caulk and the trailer lights and brakes were rewired the next step was to replace the old suspension with something I could have a bit more faith in.

After a bit of trouble piecing together the new suspension I finally had all of the parts. I used a bit of extra paint on the wheels to match the trailer and new suspension. then put it all back together. In the meantime my Mom had put all new maple floors in her house and I has able to get a whole yukon full of extras that might just cover my whole floor.