Once the trailer was finished it was time to add Grey water plumbing, insulation, and then a floor. Adding the floor would render the interior of the trailer frame inaccessible for the rest of its life so everything had to be perfect. First I had to rewire the brakes and trailer lights, having to route them through the new sheet metal and remember how the wires had all been connected before. After drilling new holes for the brake and marker lights I completed the puzzle of wires, wrapped them up nicely and securely attached them to the frame. Wherever the wires went through metal, I used grommets for protection and silicone to hold them in place. I cut some yogurt containers for around the taillights to provide a cavity for later access from the outside, I would spray foam around the containers in order to hold them in place and seal them form the outside. I also sprayed foam at each of the exterior grommets to seal them in and stop any insulation from escaping.  

Next was the grey water plumbing, I needed a sink and shower drain to exit the bottom of the trailer which I placed near the front left wheel. The sink drain was run straight down through the floor elbowed 90 degrees and ran through a hole cut in the frame. It runs all the way across the trailer to meet the shower drain which goes straight down and through another hole this time cut in the sheet metal bottom. The PVC pipe drains were cleaned and glued together with stubs for the two inputs as well as a threaded cap for the exterior drain hose to attach. 

After a ridiculously expensive quote for spray foam insulation, the much cheaper and environmentally friendly method of cellulose insulation was decided. We began to mock up the floor and quickly realized that 4X8 tongue and groove sheets are not actually a complete 4 feet wide making my simple 24' trailer a bit trickier than expected. A bit of math and puzzle solving later we came up with a plan and re-mocked up the floor and promptly broke a few of the screws we planned to use. The next day after tracking down some specialty screws we began to add the cellulose, apply construction adhesive, and screw down the boards. We finished the entire floor in two days and did a nice celebration dance on the new floor promptly afterwards.

Now it's back to the computer to finalize the floor plans before the walls go up.