Maiden Voyage

It appears as though I will never be finished caulking, the exterior of the house is 99% finished yet every few days I notice a patch or crack that could use a bit more caulk. I take brakes from the interior work to meticulously study the exterior trim to find more and more places to add some. After completing the shell I was able to move on to the interior. The first step has to complete the ceiling which I decided to use rigid foam insulation with paint to create a highly insulated and light ceiling. I try and keep as much weight in the house low and in the center to allow for the best possible towing. I wanted a smooth surface without any thermal breaks in the ceiling so I decided to glue each panel up because they are super light the glue would hold it just fine. Getting all of the glue to stick was going to be the tricky part so I came up with a big gluing rig I would use to attach each piece individually. I also painted the door orange as a reward for finishing my ceiling.

Once ceiling was in I filled every screw hole and crack between interior sheathing with wood filler or spackle depending on the size. Each of those holes was then sanded down and would completely disappear with a coat of paint. With some newspaper covering the windows the interior was ready to be primed, fireproofed, and painted. I applied two coats of primer, along with the arduous task of sanding between coats. Once I was happy with the texture of the walls, mostly lack of any wood grain, I applied two coats of a fire retardant primer to get my walls up to a class A fire rating. During this process I struggled once again with choosing a paint color, and decided to copy the interior color of a house I know well. During the times the paint was drying I made a set of live edge shelves to get used to the live edge pine I would be using for a lot of shelving on the interior.

I found a truck scale that a friend was able to let me use, so I took the completed painted shell on it's first journey on the road since the trailer had been worked on. It towed very well but came in a bit heavier than I had hoped at 7,220 lbs. Extremely light for a 24' tiny house compared to others but 500 lbs or so less would give me the freedom to add some heavier things inside. Looks like my interior is going on a diet.